How Brian Is Rocking 1 Kidney

IMG_3821Five years ago, my family was dealt some terrible news: My uncle needed a kidney transplant. Always being the type of person that put others first, he refused to let any of us donate. Never being the type to listen, I went through the testing anyway.

Anyone that knows him knows that the world is a better place with a healthy Charles Welch. The man who gave everything to others would finally be repaid for the good he has done. Little did I know how this would help me too. Being a living donor saved my life! !t gave me time to reflect and completely changed how I viewed the world.

Five years later, we’re both healthier than we were then. He has a thriving business. I went back to college and graduated, married the most beautiful woman in the world, and got the job of my dreams. None of this would’ve been possible had it not been for that life-saving surgery. Being a living donor gave me a connection that few ever know. One of the most amazing men I know became more of a mentor. It’s safe to say we saved each other!

 – Brian Welch

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