How Patty Is Rocking 1 Kidney

yogaMy name is Patty and I donated my kidney in November 2017 to stranger. My sister donated her kidney 15 years ago to our stepdad and I never considered donating myself. In 2016, I saw a woman give a 5-minute talk about how a stranger saved her brother’s life by giving him her kidney and I thought “That’s a thing?!?!” I knew then I was going to donate. I started working on the process the next day and, three days before my surgery, I had a Santa-themed going away party for my kidney.

My life has only gotten better since donating my kidney. I was quickly back to my exercise routine of yoga and hiking and I feel stronger than ever! I’ve made amazing new friends and have found it so meaningful to give talks, volunteer, and raise awareness about the issue of live kidney donation. I’m now part of a community of people that all have something very unique in common. I have never regretted the decision to donate and my life is infinitely better because of it. You can see my 5-minute talk about it on YouTube.


Patty's kidney had a going away party!
Patty’s kidney had a going away party!

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  1. Tom R.

    What did they serve at the kidney going-away party, kidney beans? Acckkk, terrible joke, but what a wonderful story. Congratulations to you, Patty, and to your sister as well. You are both heroes.


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