How Vicki Is Rocking 1 Kidney

18275084_10209089521182466_634552067185050944_nJeff, my kidney recipient, is a client of mine as I am his barber. During an appointment, Jeff started sharing his illness with me. I slowly began thinking more and more about donation. I would find myself reading story after story on the Internet about kidney donation. I had fears…read as much as I could. Asked as many questions as I could. And finally, I told Jeff that I would go through the testing process. I received a phone call from the transplant coordinator at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio saying that we were a perfect match. February 8, 2010 was our day.

Seven years out, both of us are doing very well. As for myself…I’ve never looked back. I’m very proud of what I’ve done but mostly it’s just feels so good to give someone an opportunity at life!

One Response to “How Vicki Is Rocking 1 Kidney”

  1. Tom R.

    Great to hear that both of you are doing well seven years out. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story with us!


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