How Joann Is Rocking 1 Kidney

1960127_10152639508482222_105937054_n[1]JOANMy name is Joann and I am 59 years old and I donated my kidney to my son on Feb.15, 2017. Our surgery took place at St. Joseph’s in Hamilton, Ontario by Dr. Anil Kapoor. The surgery was a success!!!! My son’s dialysis machine was moved out of the house and he got his life back!!!!!

My son just celebrated his 27th birthday and what a celebration with lots of family it was!!! I am back to working many hours as a server in two busy restaurants, and also exercise at the gym daily. I feel so blessed that I was a match to help my son. Every day is a gift and I thank God every day for blessing us. P.S. I don’t feel any different with one kidney…if I had an extra one, I would do it again…no problem.

2 Responses to “How Joann Is Rocking 1 Kidney”

  1. JIM Boyle

    Congratulations to both of you !
    You are a great mother, and your son is a very lucky man .
    Good health to both of you !

  2. David W

    You are a very brave and devoted mother Joann and you should be very proud of yourself and your son should thank his lucky stars that you were a match – well done for both of you


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