How Kari Is Rocking 1 Kidney

image1My name is Kari. I donated a kidney to my younger brother on August 26, 2015. Our surgery took place at Carolinas Medical Center here where we live in Charlotte, N.C. My brother had kidney problems his whole life and we knew eventually he would need a transplant. In April of 2014 we found out he was in double kidney failure. I consider him one of my best friends so I didn’t hesitate to volunteer to be a donor for him. It’s amazing the process that you go through to be considered to donate. I learned all the risks and still didn’t even think twice about wanting to donate.

The whole process was hands down the best experience I’ve been through! So many people have praised me for what I did for my brother. But I honestly didn’t do it for the recognition, I did it because he was my brother and I would do anything to save his life! Seeing just how well he’s doing is amazing. He’s like a whole new person. As for me, I’m doing great!! Feeling better than ever and rocking my 1 kidney!

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  1. josefina ibarra

    don’t know if Kari can personally see this but if so I’d love to email you and ask questions about the whole procedure. I also live in charlotte and may be donating in the near future, ANY TIPS ?


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